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Welcome to my Surf Rewards page
I belong to every program listed on this page.
These programs pay you to surf the internet.
Webtv users,although some of the programs are not yet compatible with
webtv,you can still join and refer people and make money for their viewing time.
Most of them are currently working on versions for webtv and Mac,so it's worth
your time to sign up now and build up your referrals!

*AllAdvantage is my favorite program so far*
*11-23-99* The Beta release for Mac viewbar has been announced!

*New* PayBar

50 Cents an Hour


VIP Benefits

Make cash on the Net

50 Cents an Hour


Unlimited Hours

A Start Page

60 Cents an Hour

50 Cents an Hour

Get paid to surf the net!

60 Cents an hour