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Since I have not been able to find anything to add to this page yet,I thought I would include this little chuckle of the day...

Top Ten Signs of A Homeschool Fanatic:

10. You can rattle off all the phone numbers and addresses of the major homeschool suppliers.

9. You own a dozen homeschooling t-shirts and several homeschooling organizers.

8. Whenever you meet an especially polite youngster, your first reaction is, "I bet he's homeschooled."

7. You own more bookcases than anyone else you know-and you need several more.

6. You're considering adding a room on to your house just to store all your educational materials and extra curriculum.

5. You can turn anything into a unit study-and I mean ANYTHING.

4. Your fondest daydream is more wall space to display your vast collection of timelines, maps, posters, and visual aids.

3. Whenever "Practical Homeschooling(TM)" arrives, you declare a school holiday so that you can read it cover to cover.

2. Your living room just doesn't seem complete without a portrait of one of the "patron saints" of homeschooling.

1. Non-homeschoolers run for cover when they see you coming.

I would also like to add another one...
You lose 1-2 hours of sleep daily to wade through
all of your homeschool mailing list email.
(which you can't live without)lol!

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